Sun City United Methodist Church
Monday, March 19, 2018
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors


Join me at one of these Bible studies...

At the Church on each Tuesday at 1 pm.
At the Cherry Hills Resident Home at 9:45 am.

In a church home on each Wednesday
at 4:00 pm. Please call church for location.




Month of March
Our study group meets each Tuesday at 1 pm in Harmony Hall. 
"Answers & Insights"
Dr. J. Ellsworth Kalas (1923-2015) was one of United Methodism's most creative voices, and a gifted Bible teacher.  He was especially good at "opening up the Scriptures" for both clergy and lay people, and his ministry as a pastor, seminary teacher and writer touched thousands of lives.  One of my favorite Kalas books has this catchy title:  If Experience is Such a Good Teacher, Why Do I Keep Repeating the Course?  I found it so helpful, that with Dr. Kalas' approval, I developed an eight-part sermon series that I have presented twice in my 13 years here.  Many have enjoyed Kalas' now classic volumes on Parables from the Back Side.  This month, we continue a study in Ellsworth Kalas' final book:  Heroes, Rogues and the Rest.
In this volume, Dr. Kalas takes one final tour of his beloved Bible looking at the Scriptures as biography, telling both the story of God and the story of believers.  Here are a few of the episodes we will explore:
     In the Beginning, God
     Adam and Eve: Our kind of People
     Abraham and Sarah: Pioneers of Promise
Our studies, which often lead to discussion and sharing, occur each Tuesday at 1 PM in Harmony Hall.